Making Change Work While the Work Keeps Changing

How change architects lead and manage organizational change

From the IBM Institute for Business Value
Written by Hans-Henrick Jorgensen, Oliver Bruhl and Neele Franke

The gap between the magnitude of change and the ability of organizations to manage it continues to widen. A number of factors are creating challenges that require organizations to act beyond the boundaries of their experiences. How are organizations coping with these massive changes? Are they enabling change leaders, engaging employees in conversations about change or creating a culture that facilitates change across the organization? Are there organizations that stand out in reducing — or at least maintaining — the gap between the pace and volume of change and the development of change management capabilities?

IBM’s latest Making Change Work study, which surveyed almost 1,400 individuals responsible for designing, creating or implementing change across their respective organizations, answers these questions and identifies a select group of companies — Change Architects — that have found the keys to making change work while the work keeps changing.

  • Only 20% of respondents are considered successful in managing change.
  • 87% of respondents state that not enough focus is placed on managing change in critical projects.
  • Only 40% of respondents believe they have the right skills in place to successfully manage change projects in the future.
  • Only 49% of organizations hold their leaders accountable for effectively managing change.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein

Read the full document, including three building blocks for becoming a change architect and maturing through the stages of effectively managing change.