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WFH is a cybersecurity “ticking time bomb,” according to a new report

WFH is a cybersecurity “ticking time bomb,” according to a new report

commsabSeptember 18, 20210 min read
IT teams are experiencing employee pushback due to remote work policies and many feel like cybersecurity is thankless and they are “bad guys”, according to a new report.

How IT teams can help support remote workers: 5 tips

commsabJuly 8, 20210 min read
To enable cloud collaboration and remote work, enterprise IT teams can help employees improve home network setups.

Working Together for Privacy Protection: Identity Management Best Practices for Companies and Consumers

commsabJune 29, 20210 min read
With technology rapidly advancing, protecting sensitive data must be top of mind for both businesses and consumers.

The new digital bank branch, new ways of banking, and how folks now manage their money

commsabJune 29, 20210 min read
Podcast episode: hear about what a world with fewer bank branches means, what the new digital branch will look like, and how digital banking adoption is faring.

One way to deploy AI-based no-code and low-code apps

commsabJune 29, 20210 min read
Palantir and IBM have come up with a solution for simplifying the development of AI-based applications in the enterprise.

How developing mental immunity can help you make better cybersecurity decisions

commsabJune 29, 20210 min read
Experts want us to develop immunity to bad ideas that can wrongly influence the cybersecurity decision process.

AI is having a big impact, but not how you think

commsabJune 18, 20210 min read
Commentary: AI is slowly, incrementally changing the world in ways that might not be obvious to the casual onlooker. Learn about startups that use AI to reduce food waste, improve education and more.

7 best practices for implementing data-driven technologies, like AI and machine learning

commsabJune 18, 20210 min read
Data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence are key enabling capabilities in today’s business world but few executives know how to deploy them effectively.

Stripe goes beyond payments with Stripe Identity to provide AI-based ID verification for transactions

commsabJune 15, 20210 min read
Stripe is launching a new product called Stripe Identity — a self-serve tool that companies can use to verify user identities.

Five payment trends that will dominate post-pandemic

commsabJune 15, 20210 min read
Last year, the payments sector saw record investment which has meant the sector has seen some major leaps forward. Three payment experts share what trends will continue.

Don’t let data drive lousy decision-making

commsabJune 11, 20210 min read
Gathering more data before making a decision isn’t always the best approach. Getting bogged down in data predictions can prevent your team from jumping on a good idea.

Top 5 things to know about Gen Z tech and workspace preferences

commsabMay 31, 20210 min read
A recent Forrester report analyzed four generations in the workplace and examined their technology preferences. Read on for five things Generation Z expects from their workplaces.

Cryptocurrency glossary: From Bitcoin and Dogecoin to hot wallets and whales

commsabMay 21, 20210 min read
Cryptocurrency refers to digital currency, a growing technological worldwide trend. Learn all the words related to cryptocurrency in this glossary!