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Global Payments and Virgin Money Form Strategic Alliance to Redefine the Future of Digital Commerce

Global Payments and Virgin Money Form Strategic Alliance to Redefine the Future of Digital Commerce

commsabSeptember 9, 20210 min read
Global Payments Inc., a leading worldwide provider of payment technology and software solutions announced today it is partnering with Virgin Money, a financial services group in the UK.

As developers consider quitting, here comes the next big skills crisis

commsabMay 21, 20210 min read
The UK economy is showing early signs of post-pandemic growth, but a boom in job vacancies and a lack of workers with basic digital skills could spell trouble for tech.

Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies: Where they are legal and where they are not

commsabMay 20, 20210 min read
As Bitcoin and others have been gaining acceptance, more countries are allowing them, but expect to see increased regulation.

Bitcoin’s fossil fuel use criticized. But some Canadian companies hope to turn it green

commsabMay 14, 20210 min read
Bitcoin has an enormous appetite for energy, so projects in Canada are looking to wean bitcoin mining away from fossil fuels.

Executive management recognizes business value of analytics

commsabMay 13, 20210 min read
From dashboards to data visualizations, the enterprise has no shortage of business intelligence and data analytics tools. But how are companies translating analytics into actionable information?

Email fraud: How to recognize it, and how to protect yourself

commsabMay 6, 20210 min read
Email fraud is one type of payment fraud and it’s especially important to recognize in today’s digital world. Here are some tips to identify email fraud from Interac.

Tips to protect yourself from online fraud

commsabMay 6, 20210 min read
In today’s complex digital landscape, hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated, which means it’s becoming more difficult to tell real from fake. Here are some tips to protect yourself from Interac.

Secure and Convenient: Three Reasons to Set Up Interac e-Transfer Autodeposit Today

commsabMay 6, 20210 min read
Article from Interac about how Interac e-Transfer Autodeposit offers cyber security benefits to help protect users.

Interac e-Transfer for Secure Businesses

commsabMay 6, 20210 min read
Details on why Interac e-Transfer is the secure way to send and receive funds for your business, from the Interac site.

Interac e-Transfer Security

commsabMay 6, 20210 min read
All about the tools, tips and global-leading technology that go into sending money safely via Interac e-Transfer, from the Interac site.

Business and operations leaders are building digital trust through partnerships

commsabApril 30, 20210 min read
Organizations are increasing investments in cybersecurity and their dependence on third parties—even in light of disruptions, according to PwC’s Cyber Trust report.

The future of work: Tools and strategies for the digital workplace

commsabApril 30, 20210 min read
From VPNs and VDI to video conferencing and collaboration platforms, IT is the foundation of today’s remote, digital workforce. In this special feature, ZDNet helps business leaders understand the coming trends.

The boom in collaboration software creates extra security risks

commsabApril 29, 20210 min read
While the software solutions have made it easier to work from home, they’ve also made it easier to launch malware.