Backgrounder: e-Transfer Onboarding

What can your credit union expect?

The recent PPJV Engagement Forum saw great discussion on Interac e-TransferBelow are some questions addressed in the session around the e-Transfer onboarding process to help credit unions ready. More details and guidance will be provided by the PPJV Engagement Team as your credit union begins to onboard.

What does my credit union need to do first?

Talk to your key stakeholders: your core and banking service provider about attending a project kick off joint call with PPJV team.

  • Contact the PPJV Engagement team to assist in initiating that first conversation
    • PPJV Engagement will align the product onboarding team with the credit union to proceed with onboarding tasks including:
      • Filling out a questionnaire that asks all the relevant questions for planning
      • Create a “Work back” plan
      • Schedule your date with Interac to move you from your current provider over to PPJV
      • Introduce you to the onboarding documentation

What is the typical team complement we will need?

  • Identify Project Manager at your credit union to build the project plan
  • Technical Lead(s) that will liaise with Core and Digital providers
  • Test Lead to facilitate testing
  • Business Readiness Lead to determine training and communication needs for staff and members
  • Some smaller credit unions have core and digital providers wearing these hats on their behalf, but if not, are happy to work with you and your core and digital providers to discuss these concerns

What type of training is expected for onboarding?

Minimal training has been required to date, but examples have been around Settlement and OAS training.

From the settlement perspective – how much change should the credit union expect?

There is very little change only some to error codes and slight changes to reporting.

What about communication to members? Are there lessons learned or communications that can be shared from credit unions who have already gone live?

Most of the lessons learned have already been incorporated into the onboarding process to ensure the onboarding experience is as smooth as possible. As part of the onboarding, we can share communication strategies other credit unions have used to assist.

Where do we find the e-Transfer manuals/user guides/limit groups to start reviewing them?

Access to this documentation will be sent to you once you have officially entered into the engagement process.

Any advice you would give our credit unions today that don’t feel they know when to engage for e-Transfer?

Start the conversation – get the ball rolling. Even if you don’t know dates, get your Core and Digital providers talking with PPJV so there are no surprises. The more planning time you have, the better prepared you and your members can be.

As featured in the June 15th Biweekly Broadcast.