Revised Interac Logo

In March 2021, Interac Corp. updated their brand and launched a new logo. Any new materials being created that use the Interac brand should be built using the revised logo. In addition, any existing materials should be updated as a part of existing production or print cycles as soon as possible. Below please find further details on the new logo.

Credit unions can contact the CCUA’s Managed Services & Network Compliance at to request for the revised logo artwork.

What’s changed?

• The ochre and black colours have been revised to new tones.
• The shape of the square now has rounded corners that mimic the app buttons on mobile devices.
• The hand device has been revised to be less bulky and with a round edge.
• The font has been revised and custom built for the logo.
Interac Corp. no longer has a key line around the logo; and
• The registered symbol is not included within the design to further simplify it, however registered attribution language is still required.

Is there an English and French version?

Because the ®/MD symbol is no longer featured in the logo design, the same version can be used for English and French materials.

Is the new logo not registered?

Interac Corp. decided not to include the registered symbol on the logo design to simplify its look and feel, but this does not mean that it is not registered. The design should still be treated as an Interac trade-mark and the below legal disclaimer must be included where attribution language is featured on all materials.

The Interac logo and Interac e-Transfer are registered Trade-marks of Interac Corp. Used under licence.

What is the deadline to have all materials updated with the new logo?

New materials should be created using the new logo effective immediately. Existing materials must be updated no later than November 2021, but credit unions are encouraged to update existing materials as soon as possible or as part of existing production or print cycles. Please note: the revised logo design will be updated in the Interac Operating Regulations by the end of 2021 to mandate the use of the new logo.