Business Readiness

The PPI is an exciting transition for the prairie credit union system. This change to Payments as a Service (PaaS) with IBM takes us from our current state of payments to a future state that will offer greater benefits to credit unions.  While change can be positive and transformative, it can also be stressful. A significant part of the PPI is to ensure credit unions are business ready and supported in the transition to PaaS. This section offers materials for reference through the transition.

Organizational Change Management Playbook

The playbook provides an overview of how to conduct Organizational Change Management (OCM) within your credit union for the PPI’s deployment of the IBM Payment Centre Canada’s Payments as a Service (PaaS) solution.

Steps To Get Your Credit Union Ready for PaaS

There are five phases your credit union will progress through as you transition to the IBM Payments Canada Centre (IPCC) Payments as a Service (PaaS) model. This overview provides a snapshot of what each steps entails. A more detailed change management playbook is currently under development and will be shared once completed.

Typical Roles and Responsibilities Needed to Support Change Management

Wondering what the typical roles and responsibilities are needed in an organization to support a transition like this? This overview tells what roles are likely to be needed in the delivery of payments processes.

Business Readiness Framework

IBM has a robust business readiness framework based on best practices. Their model identifies seven business readiness enablers for people, business and technology aspects credit unions will be guided through as we transition to PaaS.

High Performing Teams During Times of Change

With the implementation of PPI, you will likely be faced with challenges and disruption in your teams. Click on “Show More” to read articles around how to prepare yourself and your team for times of change.

Intuitive Decision Making

The focus of this article is intuitive decision making and what you as a leader or individual tem member can do to leverage quick, intuitive decision making and how to use these tactics to influence change within your organization.

Leading Teams Through Change

The focus of this article is on describing the John Kotter’s eight stage model for change and what you as a leader or individual team member can do to influence chance within your organization.

Transformational Leadership

The focus of this article is on transformational leadership during change and provides tactics for leading others to realize the benefit of a new current state.

Change Transition Guide

A framework that can be used to help your credit union along its change journey.

Managing Change Resistance

A look at change resistance including common signs and tips to help manage it.

Creating Psychological Safety

A quick guide on how you can create psychological safety during transformative change.