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2022 Pricing Strategy Update

The PPJV knows credit unions are eagerly awaiting a concrete pricing schedule for 2022. In the last Biweekly Broadcast, we shared that the PPJV would be presenting a proposed pricing strategy to the PPJV Board on May 31st. A draft was shared that led to robust discussions around key program elements and product workstreams tied to pricing. The board concluded that additional analysis is prudent to ensure the most accurate pricing strategy is put forward to credit unions. As such, another board touch point has been scheduled for mid-June for further review. The PPJV understands this update will be frustrating for credit unions, however, the board and executive want to ensure thorough due diligence with every consideration being taken into account. We will communicate the 2022 fee schedule to credit unions as soon as possible following approval by the PPJV board.

How Do You Talk About PPJV?

Getting asked questions about key PPI items and you can’t always remember the answer? We’ve created a high-level summary of key messages to support you in discussions/updates with your teams or board members on the PPJV. Click here to access the key messages document on the PPI portal under Resources > Backgrounders.

Integration Pattern Update – New Hybrid Model

In late March, the PPJV communicated an update on the integration approach. While discussions are still underway, the following provides a refresher on what was shared in March.

Please note: effective August 2021, the Digital Integration Pattern (DIP) is no longer being pursued. An alternate solution is under development to replace the DIP and additional information will be shared as it is available.

As credit unions are aware, to fully integrate credit unions into IBM Payments Centre – Canada (IPCC), three functions are generally required: digital channel integrations, core banking integrations, and batch posting capability. In the spring of 2020, IBM proposed the development of the DIP (Digital Integration Pattern) – a cloud-based architecture meant to simplify the integration between digital channels, the PaaS platform and core banking systems.

Issues and gaps were identified in the DIP solution. As such, the Prairie Payments Program, with the support of a number of stakeholders including CIOs, architects and subject matter experts, completed a comprehensive review of three integration options including DIP, with the objective of recommending a go-forward integration path to the PPJV Transition Management Board.

The three options included:

  • Continue to invest and develop the IBM DIP solution
  • Leverage the current Celero Xchange integration solution, and its future iteration, Xchange.Next
  • Hybrid approach that includes both short and long term solutions

In order to minimize the impacts of further delays resulting from the analysis that would be required to formalize our recommendation on the long-term approach, the working group recommended the hybrid option. This approach will allow credit unions to connect to the IPCC for e-Transfer onboarding through a direct API connection or Celero Xchange. In parallel, PPJV will continue evaluation of the long-term integration solution options including DIP as well as Celero Xchange.NEXT.

Current Status (June 2021)

The Integration Working Group, which includes PPJV and credit union resources, has received additional details on the DIP and Xchange.NEXT solutions and is currently completing the assessment and analysis of these options, expected to be completed in June. Following this, the Integration Working Group will confirm the preferred integration approach for credit unions. Additional details will be shared in July.


Payment Types Spotlight: e-Transfer Onboarding

What can your credit union expect?

The recent PPJV Engagement Forum saw great discussion on Interac e-Transfer®. Below are some questions addressed in the session around the e-Transfer onboarding process to help credit unions ready. More details and guidance will be provided by the PPJV Engagement Team as your credit union begins to onboard.

What does my credit union need to do first?

Talk to your key stakeholders: your core and banking service provider about attending a project kick off joint call with PPJV team.

  • Contact the PPJV Engagement team to assist in initiating that first conversation
    • PPJV Engagement will align the product onboarding team with the credit union to proceed with onboarding tasks including:
      • Filling out a questionnaire that asks all the relevant questions for planning
      • Create a “Work back” plan
      • Schedule your date with Interac to move you from your current provider over to PPJV
      • Introduce you to the onboarding documentation

What is the typical team complement we will need?

  • Identify Project Manager at your credit union to build the project plan
  • Technical Lead(s) that will liaise with Core and Digital providers
  • Test Lead to facilitate testing
  • Business Readiness Lead to determine training and communication needs for staff and members
  • Some smaller credit unions have core and digital providers wearing these hats on their behalf, but if not, are happy to work with you and your core and digital providers to discuss these concerns

What type of training is expected for onboarding?

Minimal training has been required to date, but examples have been around Settlement and OAS training.

From the settlement perspective – how much change should the credit union expect?

There is very little change only some to error codes and slight changes to reporting.

What about communication to members? Are there lessons learned or communications that can be shared from credit unions who have already gone live?

Most of the lessons learned have already been incorporated into the onboarding process to ensure the onboarding experience is as smooth as possible. As part of the onboarding, we can share communication strategies other credit unions have used to assist.

Where do we find the e-Transfer manuals/user guides/limit groups to start reviewing them?

Access to this documentation will be sent to you once you have officially entered into the engagement process.

Any advice you would give our credit unions today that don’t feel they know when to engage for e-Transfer?

Start the conversation – get the ball rolling. Even if you don’t know dates, get your Core and Digital providers talking with PPJV so there are no surprises. The more planning time you have, the better prepared you and your members can be.

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  • e-transfer Fraud Mitigation Resources: click here and select ‘Fraud Management’ for some excellent resources on how to mitigate the risk of fraud at your credit union that were developed by Interac.

2022 Fee Schedule Update

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Integration Pattern Update

Payments Spotlight: e-Transfer Onboarding

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