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SUMMER SCHEDULE ALERT: this is the last Biweekly Broadcast until September 2021. Special issues will be sent over the summer to communicate any program updates. Please check the PPI portal > Resources section for future PPI webinar and PPJV Engagement Forum dates.

General Updates

How Do You Talk About PPJV?

Getting asked questions about key PPI items and you can’t always remember the answer? We’ve created a high-level summary of key messages to support you in discussions/updates with your teams or board members on the Prairie Payments Joint Venture™ (PPJV).  Click here to access the key messages document on the PPI portal.

Let us know how we’re doing! PPI communications and Engagement survey

We want to hear from you! On June 23rd, PPI Communications emailed all PPI portal registrants a link to a survey. Your input will help us continue to refine and improve how we are engaging and communicating with you. The results of this survey and any action items that come out of it will be shared in an upcoming Biweekly Broadcast, following completion of the survey.

The survey will take less than five minutes to complete and will remain open until July 9, 2021. Click here to access the survey.

Interac Corporation recently updated their brand and have launched a revised logo. Any new materials that are being created and make use of the Interac brand should be using the revised logo and existing materials should be updated as a part of existing production and print cycles.

Read the backgrounder here for more information on the new logo.

Payment Spotlight

Interac Release 2.0 Successful!

On June 19th, the PPJV upgraded the Interac e-Transfer® to Release 2. This upgrade delivered two new features to the e-Transfer solution delivered by PPJV: Auto-Reclaim and Request for Payment (send, resend, update, cancel, received fulfill and decline).

The PPJV is pleased to report this upgrade went smoothly with no impact to credit unions or members, thanks to the team who worked diligently to prepare.

We are also excited to onboard additional credit unions onto the PPJV e-Transfer solution over the next month, including:

  • 1st Choice Savings & Credit Union
  • Vision Credit Union
  • Christian Credit Union
  • Swan Valley Credit Union
  • Bow Valley Credit Union
Interac e-Transfer Receive Limit Reminder – Global Transaction Limit to $25K

On July 8th, Interac will be updating global outgoing and incoming limits at an Interac level from $10k per transaction to $25k per transaction.

Click here to see what this means for your credit unions.

e-Transfer Onboarding – what can your credit union expect?  

In case you missed it in the last Biweekly Broadcast, click here to read about how to get ready to onboard to Interac e-Transfer®.

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