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General Update

Rebaseline Schedule Update

Work stream leads continue to progress the release roadmaps for each payment stream with timelines that the PPJV hopes to finalize in April. Once completed, these will be presented to the PPJV board for approval. The roadmaps will then be shared with the credit unions.

Provincial Town Halls hosted in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba

The PPJV recently hosted provincial system discussions on payments and the Prairie Payments Joint Venture (PPJV) in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

These sessions offered an opportunity for credit union leaders to receive updates and engage directly with the Prairie Central executive, a Credit Union Payments Advisory Council (CUPAC) representative, and the PPJV leadership.  

Recordings from the town halls and the presentations can be found here.

Revised Engagement Approach To Start in April 2021

As communicated in previous issues, and introduced at the provincial town hall meetings, the following changes will be made to the credit union engagement approach:

  • Engagement will shift away from P3/P4 and POC network meetings. Starting in April, there will be two meetings per month.
  • The first meeting will be a PPJV Program Update where credit union champions will receive a general project update. The second meeting (occurring two weeks after the first) will be an “Ask the Expert” session where credit union champions will have the opportunity to submit questions in advance, that subject matter experts will answer on any aspect of the PPI
  • The team is anticipating the first meeting to take place in mid-April. Details will be shared soon.

In addition to this, there is the creation of the Credit Union Payments Advisory Council which includes business and technical representatives from the P8 credit unions, who will support the payment streams and ensure credit union perspectives and insights are included as the program continues to progress. This group has been actively meeting, with initial focus on integration and testing approaches, e-Transfer onboarding and additional development required to support the AFT batch posting. Ongoing efforts will include the other payment workstreams (Wires, Bill Pay, Cheque) as well as continued effort related to integration and future payment capabilities (e.g. Real Time Rail).

Master Participation Agreements Distributed

The Master Participation Agreements (MPA) have been sent to all credit unions. To support awareness and understanding of the MPA and associated signing process, an MPA Q+A document was also provided in addition to a legal opinion from Dentons (provided by Servus) and a letter of commitment from the P8 CEOs. In addition to this, two optional MPA information sessions are being offered to MPA signees to allow for the opportunity to review the agreement with the experts from Torys, Dentons and Alberta Central, along with the PPJV Executive Leadership team. Attendees may attend, if desired, one of the two sessions offered. Please contact Wanda Harrick at if your credit union did not receive an MPA or invite to the optional info sessions.

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Payment Type Spotlight

Integration Pattern Update – New Hybrid Model

Please note: effective August 2021, the Digital Integration Pattern (DIP) is no longer being pursued. An alternate solution is under development to replace the DIP and additional information will be shared as it is available.

As credit unions are aware, to fully integrate credit unions into IBM Payments Centre – Canada (IPCC), three functions are generally required: digital channel integrations, core banking integrations, and batch posting capability. In the spring of 2020, IBM proposed the development of the DIP (Digital Integration Pattern) – a cloud based architecture meant to simplify the integration between digital channels, the PaaS platform and core banking systems.

More recently, a number of issues and gaps have been identified in the DIP solution that will need to be reviewed and adjusted. As such, the Prairie Payments Program, with the support of a number of stakeholders including CIOs, architects and subject matter experts, completed a comprehensive review of three integration options including DIP, with the objective of recommending a go-forward integration path to the PPJV Transition Management Board.

The three options included:

  • Continue to invest and develop the IBM DIP solution
  • Leverage the current Celero Xchange integration solution, and its future iteration, Xchange.Next
  • Hybrid approach that includes both short and long term solutions

In order to minimize the impacts of further delays resulting from the analysis that would be required to formalize our recommendation on the long-term approach, the working group recommended the hybrid option. This approach will allow credit unions to connect to the IPCC for e-Transfer onboarding through a direct API connection or Celero Xchange. 

In parallel, PPJV will continue evaluation of the long-term integration solution options including DIP as well as Celero Xchange.NEXT.

Next Steps

An Integration Working Group has been created in partnership with the CUPAC with the objective of completing the analysis/due diligence required to assess Options #1 and 2 and formalizing our position on the longer-term integration approach.

Credit unions will also need to confirm their desired integration approach for e-Transfer.

hybrid model

Synergy Credit Union Onboard Successful

On March 16th Synergy Credit Union became the most recent credit union to onboard to the IPCC platform for e-Transfer. This recent go-live demonstrated that the activities completed over the past few months to enhance system stability have been successful in supporting the onboarding of additional credit unions.

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Rebaseline Schedule Update

Provincial Town Halls

Revised Engagement Approach

Master Participation Agreements

Payment Types Spotlight: Integration Pattern Update

Synergy Credit Union Onboard Successful

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