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General Update

PPJV Realignment of Organizational Structure Complete

Over the past two weeks, the Transition Lead has been working with the PPJV Executive Team on the realignment of the leadership structure, which is now complete. The refreshed structure reflects a deep dive into the current state of the program and how best to structure PPI teams moving forward to ensure effective program execution and credit union migration to PaaS. The realignment:

  • Removes silos to ensure consistent alignment in project goals and deliverables that previously did not exist.
  • Creates alignment between payment delivery oversight that was inconsistent. Payment streams will still be followed and implemented separately but aligned under work steam leads as opposed to business owners.
  • Ensures program resource optimization that includes continued utilization of Centrals’ supports and adding full time resources.

To view the organizational leadership structure, please click here.

Timelines and Roadmap: Work stream leads continue to make progress on payment type key focus areas that need to be addressed. This comprehensive review will enable the team to develop a revised roadmap with timelines that the PPJV hopes to communicate within the next month.

Revised Engagement Approach To Start in April 2021

Over the past several weeks, the PPJV’s Engagement and Communications team has been reviewing existing engagement and communications strategies. The cadence and structure of existing P3/P4 and POC network meetings was evaluated to determine the effectiveness of these meetings in getting the right information to credit unions at the right time. Based on feedback received, the main theme that came forward was that too many redundancies between the various meetings with credit unions exist.

As such, the following changes will be made:

  • engagement will shift away from P3/P4 and POC network meetings. Starting in April, there will be two meetings per month.
  • The first meeting will be a PPJV Program Update where credit union champions will receive a general project update. The second meeting (occurring two weeks after the first) will be an “Ask the Expert” session where credit union champions will have the opportunity to ask questions of subject matter experts on any aspect of the PPI.   

In addition to this, there is the creation of the Credit Union Payments Advisory Council which includes business and technical representatives from the P8 credit unions, who will support the payment streams and ensure credit union perspectives and insights are included as the program continues to progress.

The biggest change credit unions will see is at the credit union onboarding level.

To date the PPJV has grouped credit unions by size but it has become clear that for a more streamlined onboarding process, grouping credit unions by integration pattern (i.e. what core and digital banking platform they use) is more appropriate. 

Work is still underway to define the approach for work streams including bill pay, specifically looking at the requirements of this solution. Once the product roadmaps are finalized, we will share this with all of you.

Master Participation Agreements

The Master Participation Agreement (MPA) has been approved by the PPJV board and will be distributed to signees in early March. To support awareness and understanding of the MPA and associated signing process, a MPA summary and Q+A document will be provided to signees.


Payment Type Spotlight

Interac e-Transfer® System Stability

The PPJV is pleased to share that overall system steadiness issues have largely been addressed. As credit unions are aware, Celero with the support the PPJV and IBM, implemented a 45-day pause to establish system stability for Interac e-Transfer®. During this time, the PPJV, Celero and IBM conducted program audits on platform resiliency, testing processes and the adaptation and improvement of tools. The 45-day pause was completed successfully and ahead of schedule, allowing the CFCU conversion to proceed earlier than originally planned.  

The PPJV would like to extend its thanks to Celero and IBM for their commitment, hard work and determination to ensure system stability. This work was evident with the most recent Legacy/Chinook conversion – a critical step in confirming that all steps taken over the past few months to ensure system stability for future releases – were working.

In the most recent PPI Webinar, an updated e-Transfer timeline was shared. Click here to see the timeline and to listen to the webinar recording in case you missed it.

A Little Story About Volumes

There is no doubt COVID-19 impacted a lot of things but could it have also impacted volume changes by product since 2019? Take a look and decide for yourself (bill payment volumes are understated in 2019 and 2020*).

*Bill pay’s volumes do not include any current volumes being processed by other suppliers. Missing these volumes impacts both the bill pay statistics as well as the overall payment volumes expected to move over to IPCC.

PPI Portal Updates

PPJV Realignment of Organizational Structure Complete

Revised Engagement Approach To Start in April 2021

Master Participation Agreements

Payment Type Spotlight – Interac e-Transfer System Stability

A Little Story About Volumes

PPI Portal Updates