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General Update

Credit Union Impact Summary Assessments

As mentioned in the last update, the PPI project team Product Leads have been developing credit union impact summary assessments. These summaries will help credit unions understand the impacts associated with each product type as the credit union moves through current state through to end target state (where migration has occurred). These summaries will clearly state what each credit union can expect in terms of key characteristics and actions to take, process flow impacts, a change action plan outlining IT, business, communication and training activities.

Credit Union Socialization

Product Leads recently completed identifying credit union impacts by product and will be starting to present their findings throughout the month of November to credit unions through regularly scheduled engagement meetings including upcoming PoC network meetings and the next PPI webinar. In addition to this, an executive summary of the impacts will also be shared as reference for credit unions. Stay tuned for more details.

The New Cut-over Approach: What is it?

As you are aware, the PPI project team made the decision in September to forgo the pilot credit union and subsequent roll out approach initially planned, where pilot credit unions would be rolled out and then phase other credit unions in onboarding. This was due to a variety of challenges (see September 17 update).

A change of approach – the cutover- will allow the full volume of each payment type to switch to the new solution.  

How Does It Work?

With a cutover approach, the existing transaction systems (such as CAFT) are “pointed” to the IBM IPCC solution (the outsourced PPJV payments engine) solution first (via the Digital Integration Pattern). From there, the following happens:

  • The output is then sent to the existing settlement systems.
  • After this is completed, the front-end systems and settlement would then be converted.
Is This Better For Credit Unions?

The cutover approach does allow the full volume of each of the payment types to switch to the new solution. The benefits to credit unions is less operational impact and reduced risk.

Does Every Credit Union Cut Over at the Same Time?

This is dependent on the product.

  • For eTransfer, cutover is reliant on credit union connectivity being in place. This is accomplished by credit unions working with their digital and core banking platform providers to complete integration to the IPCC solution.
  • For AFT, wires and cheques, credit unions will cutover when they are ready to do so.
    • The interim state will cutover the backend with minimal to no impact to the credit unions.
    • The target state will require credit unions to utilize the white label GUI or their own front end solution therefore cutover timing will be up to the individual credit union.

Payment Type Spotlight – Interac e-Transfer®

Assiniboine Credit Union (ACU) Launches Interac e-Transfer®

Assiniboine Credit Union (ACU) is now live with their Interac e-Transfer® pilot! This pilot will help the team work out any issues to facilitate onboarding of the remaining credit union volume. Throughout the pilot, the team will develop lessons learned to be shared with credit unions to support their onboarding. More details to come.

e-Transfer Onboarding Toolkit

The PPI project team is also developing an e-Transfer onboarding toolkit for credit unions with reviews by select credit unions underway. This toolkit includes information relating to: what you need to know to get started, readiness checklists, how PPI will support you, and guidelines for communications to members. Stay tuned for more information.

Q4 Onboarding

The team’s focus is to continue to plan for the onboard of selected credit unions to e-Transfer for 2020. The first couple of credit unions will be migrating to Celero Xpress. More details in the timeline below.


Per the PPI delivery timeline, Interac e-Transfer® pilot is underway and credit union onboarding will continue until the end of June 2021.

A more detailed timeline for Interac e-Transfer® consumer and commercial can be found below.

Frequently Asked Questions

As engagement continues the PPI project team continues to get excellent questions from credit unions. Some of them are posted below and don’t forget to check out the FAQ section for many others.

What is the White Label GUI and how will this be different than CAFT interface we use today?

For all the details on the white label GUI please visit the PPI site FAQs here:

It will be “like for like” to the CAFT interface used today.

If I’m a Celero credit union who is my key contact?

Valarie Geib is the key point of contact at Celero ( She will be working in close contact with Wanda Harrick, PPJV Executive Lead.

If I am a non-Celero credit union, who is my key contact?

Your initial contact is the PPJV CU Engagement Team.  If you have any questions, please contact the team at 

What is the Safer Payment Solution and how is notification sent to clients (enhanced fraud management)?

  • Safer Payment is a anti-money laundering (AML) sanction screening and fraud prevention solution that is integrated with the IPCC-PaaS system.
  • The fraud analytics engine will ingest AFT, wire, cheque payment, bill payment, e-Transfer transactions in real time. The payment transactions will be scored against the evolving Safer Payment fraud models, and the output will generate alerts to a consortium PPJV fraud desk allowing transactions to be held until the transaction is decisioned by the CU.
  • Safer Payment provides AML wires sanction screening for international and USD domestic wires.
  • Safer Payment provides transactional monitoring reports
  • Safer Payment project stream will also supply Fintrac daily wire data extract reporting currently provided by IWT application or Central 1 for users of the C1 MTS service.

At this time, PPJV is in the process of determining how the fraud team will engage credit unions to review AFT/Wires that are flagged for fraud review

Updated PPI Portal

We’ve refreshed the PPI site to give you an improved user experience! Check out:

  • Knowledge Centre: this is a new section where you will find the latest news, reports and opinion on all things payments.
  • PPI Resources: where you will find backgrounders, webinar recordings, presentations, a glossary of terms and more.
    • New in this section: The PPI Business Case (please note: it reflects the period of time it was written, so some things have been modified since then)

Upcoming Events

The November 25th webinar has now been moved to December 4 from 9:30 am – 10:30 am MST. Webinar invitations will be sent to all registered portal users one week in advance.