PPI Q1 2020 Summary

Each quarter, the PPI Project Team will develop a quarterly summary that captures highlights of work done to date. January through March has been productive for the project team and for P7 credit unions the focus was
on onboarding and business readiness. The PPI Project Team is pleased with the momentum made and would like to extend its thanks to the system for being amenable to the flurry of activity and support required to complete Q1 priorities.

Commitment 1:

Form a PaaS Transition Management Board – Completed

The PaaS Transition Management Board has officially been formed. Members include: Ian Burns (Alberta Central), Garth Manness (Credit Union Central Manitoba (CUCM)), Caroline Ziober (Servus Credit Union), Eric Dillon (Conexus), and Kevin Sitka (Assiniboine). This group will report to the Prairie Payments Joint Venture (PPJV) and will govern the PPI Project during the implementation of PaaS. The board will have a mandate focused on innovation, pricing strategy, participation in PaaS, and product development. It will act as a mechanism to provide oversight over the PaaS contract and will develop innovation opportunities benefiting the system as a whole. This board will also evaluate tax implications related to the supporting governance structures and the evolution thereof. The PaaS Transition Management Board will connect for its inaugural meeting in early April and will continue to define and solidify its mandate. Updated messages from the PaaS Board will be provided as part of regular updates as needed as well as in future quarterly updates.

Commitment 2:

Review optimization/efficiencies between CUPS/CUCM (future state operating model) –Ongoing

CUPS and CUCM are actively working on defining an approach to determining their future state. A full assessment of these organizations’ futures and the resulting impacts, including what it means for staffing requirements, will continue throughout 2020. At this time, there are no anticipated staffing changes expected for 2020 for the centrals’ payments employees.

Commitment 3:

Appoint PPJV Leadership Team – Completed

The PPJV Leadership Team composition and assignments are underway. This team will manage PaaS into the future and continue to look for strategic growth opportunities in the payments space for prairie credit unions.

The following individuals have been appointed to lead the transition:

PPJV CEO – Michael Devlin
In this role, Michael will act as the overall program lead, responsible for the effective execution/implementation of PaaS. As a result, he will formally step down from his role as Chief Payments and Technology Officer, Alberta Central so that he can focus his attention on leading the program execution.

Program Executive, Existing Operations – Wilson Griffiths
In this role, Wilson is responsible for leading the work of optimizing existing payments operational activities in CUCM and CUPS. He will also continue to maintain his current role as Senior Vice President, Member Solutions, CUCM.

To support Wilson and Michael are five work stream leads that include:

Project Controls Officer – Michael Nolan: Responsible for planning, updating, and steering the overall project and project plan and providing direction, structure, and leadership to Project Executive.

Governance & PaaS Strategy – Robin Auld: support resource for the Program Executive; supports set-up and enablement of PaaS governance structure, longer-term PPJV strategy.

Program Integration Manager – Madeline Swalm: Leads the business and functional elements of the transition, responsible for execution against program plan and milestones, reports to the Program Executive.

Operations Lead – Mike Boyd: Technical build/implementation and operations expert, oversees PaaS Platform Implementation Team, responsible for overall operations of PaaS in alignment with contract requirements.

Products Lead – Scott Lapstra: New and existing product and business process development lead, acts as a conduit into Interac, understands and ensures alignment on business process requirements for the transition.

These leads will be key points of contact for credit unions.

COVID-19 Response

Adjusting to a New Normal

The PPI Project Team, alongside the credit union system is adjusting to a new normal as it pertains to completing project work. Moving to a new remote working approach in response to mandatory travel and meeting restrictions due to COVID-19 has been a key focus since March 15th. Despite some key meetings and workshops being shifted to virtual meetings, the team is still tracking to meet key contractual milestones as required, while supporting the need for credit unions to have the opportunity to focus on their own changes in operational requirements due to the COVID-19.

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