Biweekly Broadcast

Current Status
The PPI Project Team continues to be on track to meet milestone two — the delivery of the Onboarding Plan — by the end of May. Though COVID-19 has made the team re-evaluate timelines, and certainly consider how it has affected credit unions, the team has been flexible in adapting timelines in consideration of this. Careful monitoring of impacts will continue.

Other activities since the last update include:

Mid-to-Small Credit Union Engagement
As you are aware, the PPI Project Team has been focused on onboarding activities with the P7 credit unions. An engagement approach with small-to-mid credit unions has now also been established. This plan has been socialized with various credit union stakeholders including Celero.

Non-Celero DNA Credit Unions
Kickoff sessions with non-Celero DNA credit unions began this week. Engagement will continue with these stakeholders as well as the Celero DNA credit unions until the end of April and beginning of May. Through these kickoff sessions and the business readiness surveys, we are working to organize the onboarding of these 75 credit unions into groups to ensure more manageable and effective engagement. The criteria for who gets onboarded and when, is based on readiness for integration, payments technology configuration, resourcing availability, and location/operational considerations.

Servus Credit Union Pilot PaaS (Wires)
As mentioned in the last PPI update, Servus announced their commitment as a pilot candidate for wire transfers using the PaaS platform. The team is continuing to progress pilot activities to prepare for deployment in September, such as developing a transition and project plan, conducting target state workshops and anti-money laundering (AML) workshops.

Non-Credit Union Engagement
Beyond credit unions, there are other financial institutions who utilize the payments services of CUPS. These clients will also begin to be engaged over the next few weeks to discuss the PPI and PaaS solution as it pertains to their current payments services.

Virtual Meetings – IBM’s secure WebEx Platform
The PPI Project Team will no longer be using the Zoom platform for any PPJV/IBM/credit union sessions/meetings due to security issues with the platform. Moving forward, any joint virtual sessions will be hosted on IBM’s secure WebEx platform.

PPI Portal Update
New content is available on the PPI portal including Team Profiles that introduce the people supporting this initiative to help its progression.

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