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Pilot activities continue to move ahead with progress made on Celero Xpress and PPI project synergy

Pilot activities have continued to move ahead over the summer. Part of the preparation is with Servus Credit Union, specifically developing a “gap list” which outlines the completion of Servus’ required activities to ensure a successful wires pilot launch. The PPI project team has also started additional operational workshops with Servus to support clarifications related to specific payment transactions (e.g. currency exchange).

Assiniboine Credit Union is also participating as a pilot credit union, working closely with the team, in executing the Proof of Concept – the testing environment for the cloud-based architecture that simplifies the integration between digital channels, the PaaS platform and the core backing systems) to ensure the technology works as it should.

Project Synergy in Action: Celero Xpress and PPI

There are two strategic projects underway for the system – Celero’s digital banking platform (Celero Xpress) and the PPI – running in parallel. Celero, together with CUPS and CUCM, have been working together on the interdependencies between these two. 

Assiniboine Credit Union is one of the founding credit unions that will use Celero Xpress. They have been running a pilot with the platform since March as functionality has been certified for use in this state of production. The next pilot iteration includes e-Transfer functionality, provided by the PaaS platform. The PPI team and Celero are now working on developing the onboarding plan and defining the scope of the e-Transfer component of the pilot for Assiniboine so that it can be production-tested and certified for use for all credit unions moving to the Celero Xpress platform. e-Transfers will be the first payment type to run on the PaaS platform this fall.

Refresher 101: Why PPI and payments modernization matters

The financial industry is evolving across Canada due to Payments Canada modernization work, the entry of new fintech firms and innovation in technology.

This evolution has instigated the need for change in credit union payment services, bringing the three prairie centrals (Alberta Central, Credit union Central of Manitoba (CUCM) and SaskCentral) and the seven largest prairie credit unions to devlop a strategy on the appropriate response to the evolving payments environment.

The end result was an approved business case proposing a move to a Payments as a Service (PaaS) model in partnership with IBM. Read more about the importance of PPI as it relates to payments modernization and your credit union.

PPI 101 Backgrounder
Guide to PaaS Backgrounder

PoC Network – a critical resource for credit unions outside of the P7

The next PoC (Point of Contact) Network session will be held on September 17th. The August 20th session has been cancelled due to the August 18th PPI webinar that communicated similar information.

As a reminder, the PoC Network is a community of individuals selected from each credit union outside of the P7 (the seven largest credit unions in the prairies by asset value) that will come together regularly to create a forum for understanding and engagement about PPI. 

Given these network sessions are catered to credit unions who are not onboarding in the pilot group or are part of the P7, the PoC Network will serve as a regular communications touch point and source of information as credit unions transition to PaaS. Attendance to the sessions will foster buy-in and commitment, provide an opportunity to raise and discuss issues or concerns and enable credit unions to prepare for change. 

Is your credit union part of the P7?
The P7 includes Servus, Connect First, Assiniboine, Cambrian, Conexus, Affinity and Steinback credit unions.

Not sure if your credit union is represented on the PoC Network?
Email for support.

Organizational Change Management (OCM) Playbook – a guide for credit unions and all things OCM

As mentioned in previous updates, the PPI team is finalizing a comprehensive OCM playbook, which will provide an overview of how to conduct OCM within your credit union as your credit union migrates to PaaS. This playbook is intended to be a support document to credit unions who may not be familiar with OCM. It is not intended to replace any existing OCM processes some credit unions may have in place.

The playbook will be posted to the PPI portal, the Biweekly Broadcast e-newsletter and shared with the PoC Network in September. Online workshops will be held in mid-late September to support further understanding of the playbook. More details on these sessions will come soon. 

In the meantime, click here to view the Steps to Get Your Credit Union Ready for PaaS summary sheet that describes high-level the five phases your credit union will progress through as you transition to the IBM Payments Canada Centre (IPCC) PaaS model.

PPJV Transition Management Board resumes meetings after summer break

The next PPJV Transition Board meeting is scheduled for August 31st. The agenda includes a discussion of outstanding legal items, project updates and business development opportunities. More details to be shared after the meeting.

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