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Prairie Payments Joint Venture (PPJV) Hosts Fourth Transition Board Meeting

The PPJV Transition Board recently held its fourth meeting. Discussions included governance matters, business development and key project integration considerations. The board has been meeting monthly but will now pause until the end of August to allow the PPI team time to focus on onboarding progress and other strategic items.

New Digital Integration Pattern (DIP) Proof of Concept to Streamline Credit Union Onboarding

Please note: effective August 2021, the Digital Integration Pattern (DIP) is no longer being pursued. An alternate solution is under development to replace the DIP and additional information will be shared as it is available.

To ensure a streamlined engagement and onboarding approach for all credit unions, the PPI Project Team and Celero have developed a streamlined engagement and onboarding approach through the “Digital Integration Pattern” (DIP).

The DIP is cloud-based and simplifies the integration between digital channels, the PaaS platform, and core banking systems. This architecture, owned by the PPI, avoids having to lock-in to proprietary tools, or any single supplier through the use of open, cloud-native technologies. It can also evolve based on PPI’s planned roadmap. The DIP ultimately allows all credit unions, regardless of their existing banking architecture, to onboard onto the PaaS platform.

To ensure effectiveness and success of DIP, the team has established a “proof of concept” approach. The proof of concept is effectively a test that will prove if the technology works as it should. From there a high-level integrated implementation plan for the credit unions will be developed, including identifying key activities for each stakeholder and validating dependencies and constraints. Preparations are already underway with identified pilots (i.e., Servus and Assiniboine) and the team is still confirming who would be the other pilots engaged in the proof of concept hopefully by the end of July.

Master Participation Agreements – Q+A session to be held to support understanding

As the PPI progresses, credit unions will soon be required to sign legal agreements to finalize onboarding and the transition to the PaaS platform. The Master Participation Agreement, which outlines how credit unions’ payments operations and process will be executed, is being finalized. Credit unions will be invited to a virtual Q+A session with a legal representative from the PPI to answer any of their questions or concerns about the agreement. This session is being targeted for mid-late July upon finalization of the agreement and kickoff sessions with all credit unions. Please try to attend the session as it will provide credit unions with all the information and support required to sign the agreement and move forward.

Credit Union Engagement Moves Forward Through Point of Contact (POC) Network

For the credit unions not onboarded in the pilot group, the POC Network will serve as a regular communications touch point and source of information as credit unions transition to PaaS. The POC network will facilitate timely decision making, reduce complexity, and enable on-time deliverables for credit unions.

Now that all system kick-off sessions have been completed, the next engagement with credit unions outside the P7 (the largest credit unions in the Prairie provinces: Assiniboine, Servus, Conexus, Steinbach, Connect First, Affinity and Cambrian credit unions), and not including pilots, will be the first PoC session targeted for mid-July.

PPI Communications Survey Results

The first PPI survey was recently issued with the objective to gather feedback on awareness and understanding of the Prairie Payments Initiative to date, specifically the effectiveness of the initiative’s initial communications efforts. This survey will help the team drive continuous improvement in system engagement.

Thank you to the more than 150 people who responded to the PPI survey.

Highlights of the survey show:

  • 85% of respondents have good familiarity of the PPI and understand its importance as it relates to payments modernization.
  • 85% have a somewhat clear/very clear understanding of the timeline for PPI to be rolled out
  • 78% believe the PPI communications provides them with the right information
  • 80% believe the PPI communications provides them with useful information; with 81% of you visiting the updates section most frequently and then the tools section on the PPI website
  • 76% use the PPI portal as their main source of information with webinars being the second most utilized source of information
  • The portal and email notifications are indicated as the desired ways to access information.

Comments showed that you’re interested in hearing about:

  • Timelines
  • Impact/risks
  • Costs
  • Project planning
  • Transition information
  • Organizational effectiveness

Additional general comments included:

  • The desire for updates to be emailed (we have created an e-newsletter to achieve this)
  • The desire for a search functionality on the site (we are exploring this)
  • Communications has been very good
  • Really enjoy the webinars
  • People would be interested in a virtual payments summit (more information coming in the Fall on this)

Prairie Credit Union Fireside Chats with PaaS Transition Management Board Members/CEOs

We recently held three fireside chats with board members Caroline Ziober (Chief Member Experience Officer, Servus Credit Union), Eric Dillion (CEO, Conexus Credit Union) and Kevin Sitka (President + CEO, Assiniboine Credit Union). These sessions were candid conversations focused on their perspectives around the PPI, why they see the initiative as important, how their credit unions are preparing for the change and advice they have for credit unions who have not onboarded yet. While these sessions were targeted for CEOs and their executive teams, the questions and answers can be found here.

Steps To Get Your Credit Union Ready for PaaS

There are five phases your credit union will progress through as you transition to the IBM Payments Canada Centre (IPCC) PaaS model. Click here to see a high-level visual of what these steps entail. A more detailed change management playbook is coming soon.

Next PPI Update

Due to summer holidays the next PPI update will be distributed August 4th. If there are any questions during that time please email

Upcoming Events

Please join us for the next PPI webinar on August 5 at 9 am MST (TBC). Details will come through a calendar invite ONE week prior to this. Please note: this calendar invite only goes to those registered to the PPI portal.