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Current Status
The PPI Project Team continues to move forward in credit union engagement activities. Tactical workshops were completed with the P7 credit unions, including user interface workshops, sequence diagram workshops, and target state and scope reviews. Credit union engagement outside of the P7, through surveys and business readiness assessments in underway. This information will help the PPI team determine the unique needs of these credit unions, identify pilot candidacy, and determine required next steps and engagement.

If your credit union has not yet completed the survey please do so. Please note this survey was sent to credit union CEOs. If you are unsure if your credit union received a survey link, please email This survey should take you approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Resource Planning for Onboarding
A common question being asked is what resourcing requirements credit unions will need to manage their transition to PaaS. While the level of onboarding varies with credit union size, it is expected the majority of credit unions will need two people to support their credit union’s transition – this includes a technical and business contact. Regardless of size, the CU Onboarding Team will ensure every credit union has the support needed for an efficient transition.

Milestones Progress
The PPI team is on track to meet Milestone 2 — the delivery of the Onboarding Plan. Milestone 3 activities— Platform Readiness — are underway, specifically the setup of the testing work stream and testing environment.

Celero and PPI: Creating Alignment and Streamlining Parallel Project for Success
On the May 19th PPI webinar, Michael Devlin, CEO, PPJV addressed two big system projects running concurrently. The first is Celero’s process with ebankIT to provide a digital banking platform (Xpress) to credit unions to replace MemberDirect expiring in December 2020 for some and in 2021 for others. The second project being the PPI – specifically the transition to the PaaS platform.

As these projects are running in parallel, Celero — together with CUPS and CUCM (under the PPJV operating framework) — have been working together to proactively reduce overall system risk, by identifying the interactions between these projects. To ensure both projects achieve successful outcomes in alignment with the credit union guiding principles around payments, Celero and the PPI are committed to ensuring the program interdependencies are well-managed, as they relate to the requirements for both projects. The PPI and Celero teams are working together to align and streamline project plans to maximize the value of PaaS while ensuring minimal impact to credit unions and creating more optionality for credit unions to integrate to the platform.

PPI Portal Updates
The following content has been posted the PPI portal:

May 19th Webinar – the presentation and recording are now posted under Tools>Webinars

PPI Glossary of Terms – confused by all the acronyms and terms related to the PPI and payments? Check out the PPI Glossary under Tools>Backgrounders>Glossary of Terms.