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PaaS Transition Management Board Formed
The PaaS Transition Management Board has been formed and consists of the following individuals:

  • Garth Manness, CEO, Credit Union Central Manitoba
  • Ian Burns, President and CEO, Alberta Central
  • Caroline Ziober, Chief Member Experience Officer, Servus Credit Union
  • Eric Dillon, CEO, Conexus Credit Union
  • Kevin Sitka, President and CEO, Assiniboine Credit Union

This board will govern the Prairie Payments Initiative (PPI) over the next two years while credit unions are transitioning to PaaS. Once all credit unions are on the platform, the mandate and representation on the board will be re-evaluated to determine the appropriate future state composition of payments experts.

Stakeholder Engagement/Business Readiness Assessments Continue with Prairie Seven (P7) Credit Unions
Over the past two weeks, ongoing business readiness activities with the P7 credit unions continued. This included hosting initial Deep Dive Business Readiness Workshops with four of the P7: Servus, Affinity, Conexus and
Cambrian credit unions where the Project CU Onboarding Team provided more context on the project and gained an understanding of each of their business requirements, conflicting timelines, resourcing requirements and availability. Apprehension around the aggressive timelines and resourcing demands required of a project of this nature, were raised. The CU Onboarding Team would like to assure all credit unions that the smooth transition to the PaaS platform is a critical priority. The dates and requirements originally communicated are for a “best-case” scenario for the pilot credit union(s) scheduled to transition in September. The pilot credit union(s) are yet to be determined. The CU Onboarding Team will be working with credit unions to create transition timelines that fit business needs and acknowledge competing priorities and commitments.

While the initial work is with the P7 credit unions, the Project CU Onboarding Team will begin to engage all credit unions over the coming weeks. The team is currently developing an approach for this and anticipates initial engagements to begin by early Q2.

Milestone 1 (Planning Phase) Completed
As reported in the February 14th update, the team was working to complete Milestone 1 commitments set out in the contract. The main goal of this phase was to develop a high-level plan for PPI integration and stakeholder engagement.

All of these action items were completed on target and these included:

  • Implementation plan for the IBM IPCC (IBM Payments Centre – Canada) system
  • Determine application program interface (API) specifications (effectively how our banking platforms will connect with
  • -Develop Service Operations Manual for the IBM IPCC
  • Develop readiness and test plan
  • Establish onboarding success criteria

Portal Update
Check out the new content on the PPI portal including updated Webinar dates (see the Webinar section) and updated FAQs will be posted the week of March 2nd.